“mGov Award 2020” for the the Best Government Service Mobile Application

Held by MITC and IT Park


Uzbekistan’s “mGov Award” is for the Best Government Service Mobile Application developed utilizing the innovation potential of Uzbekistan university students to develop effective mobile applications. This award is created jointly by Republic of Uzbekistan and United Arab Emirates to encourage the young students to collaborate and co-create with the Uzbekistan Government in building our nation. Our ultimate objective is to transform the Uzbekistan Gov Services to improve the lives of its citizens by providing efficient, transparent and around the clock smart services.

Rules of Participation 

  • Mobile applications must be linked to one of the relevant government services provided to individual or business customers (G2C or G2B).
  • Mobile applications and solutions must be developed at the university, by the students themselves.
  • During the registration process all team members need to sign an undertaking stating that ‘the team will abide with all the licensing terms and conditions of all the tools/software they use during the ‘Grand Finale’ of mGov Award 2019.


  1. Roboteach (Android)
  2. Yetti Pir (iOS)
  3. SAHIYA (Android)

Other Contestants

  1. Eyecaria (Android)
  2. Code Sys (Android)
  3. Carwon (Android)
  4. ABOO (iOS & Android)